SHAPE: Seunghan Kim Solo Exhibition

12 - 17 August 2019

Seunghan Kim is a Korean photographer noted for his images depicting unfamiliarity from familiar architectural structure.

 Changes in light can give endless possibilities for diversity of visual interpretation.  Light is the starting point of the visual signal that makes the object to be perceived, and freely opens the possibility of recognition and interpretation as it is constantly integrated into the object.

 The shadow is another important factor for the artist Seunghan Kim`s work. The shadow enables us to see the beautiful images hidden behind the light as if the hardship in life can change how we view our life.  He depicts the moment when the architectural structure transforms into an intriguing image as the light and the shadow cross dramatically.

  He has been pursuing the open ending of recognition and interpretation due to the change of light through photography work. Through the SHAPE series, he is extending these possibilities to architectural structures.

 He aims to show clearly that the process from recognition to interpretation can be diversified by viewing existing objects from a new perspective through the various depth of light and extreme framing which is constructed to feel almost unrealistic and freed from a fixed idea.